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About Global Resource Solution Technologies
With more than 80 years of combined industry expertise, GRS Tech offers a robust, completely integrated estimating system. With GRS Tech, electrical contractors have a modular system that can grow with the company, with multiple configurations available to meet the needs of the business even when those needs evolve. Available applications include powerful takeoff, estimating, NEC Code calculation and optional material pricing and catalog page updates accessible from your smart phone.
This comprehensive, affordable package is accessible 24/7 via any device with an internet connection, including smart phones. This is great for users in the field, who can get pricing, view catalog pages or drawings and run a NEC Code calculation all from their mobile device. It's best suited for electrical contractors with less than a million in revenue. 
Digital Screen Takeoff helps estimators save time and money by eliminating both the paper prints and common mistakes made when takeoffs are done by hand and transferred into an estimating program. The solution auto-saves after every click of the mouse, keeping tabs on every change to fixture counts, run length measurements and more. Its time and material billing system is highly configurable, allowing users to modify the database to meet their needs. The fleet tracking system sends work orders to vehicles electronically and then monitors the status in real time, so companies can quickly and easily see the location and assignments of all of their vehicles and mobile employees.
It also offers material pricing by zip code and a powerful NEC Code Calculator. It links seamlessly to any accounting system and Excel.
GRS Tech is a great system for electrical contractors seeking an affordable, all-in-one estimating system.